Har fått nedanstående information från IATA / ECTAA:

Update South African Airways  (2020-04-22)
Given the recent queries received by IATA following some press articles putting in question the airline’ s ongoing status.  SAA remains in an Administration process as announced back in December 2019.  IATA is maintaining regular contact with the airline’s senior management.  SAA remains currently in good standing with IATA and has also posted a financial guarantee acceptable to IATA in order to secure its continued participation in IATA’s Settlement Systems. Further updates will be made should the situation change.

Update Virgin Australia (2020-04-22)
Virgin Australia has announced that it has entered a voluntary administration, a process similar to the US Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  IATA is currently in discussion with the court appointed Administrators in order to secure a solution for VA to remain in IATA’s Settlement Systems given this period of restructuring.  We will have an update shortly.