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About SRF

The Association of Swedish Travel Industry (SRF) is a branch organisation which offers advice and guidance to its members, ensuring a high level of knowledge and credibility amongst the member companies as well as their customers. SRF represents the vast majority of the Swedish travel agencies and tour operators. The association was founded in 1937 and have about 300 members. Our members are representing large and small travel agencies and tour operators, event organizers, online travel agencies etc. The travel companies work with both outbound and inbound activities.

During 2022, the business volume and the number of employees have successively increased after the pandemic years 2020-2021. At the end of 2022, the number of employees was approximately 6,000 and the business volume approximately SEK 40 billion. As a comparison, the member companies employed about 8,000 employees in 2019 and had a business volume about SEK 50 billion.

SRF is a member of ECTAA, a group of national travel associations within Europe. A non-Swedish organisation operating within the travel industry may, subject to the Board’s decision, be approved as an Associated member enjoying the same benefits as Swedish organisations except for the voting rights.

Our members represent:

  • Business travel companies
  • Leisure travel companies
  • Tour operators
  • Online travel agencies
  • Incoming- and event agencies

Member benefits:

  • Networking
  • Lobbying
  • Advisory services
  • Seminars
  • Industry intelligence


Click below to see our list of members. The headings are in Swedish and the reduced list is divided in:
Företag – Company, Varumärke – Brand, Ort – City
The extended list adds the headings:
E-mail, Website and Verksamhetstyp – Type of acitvity